Friday, 27 July 2012

Unity 3D is more difficult than expected :-(

Time really flies... Just realised July almost passed and I haven't post anything for the whole July yet - this is probably the first time since started this blog last June...

My focus during end of June was on updating my 2 games. "Mespfi V1.01" is now live with the new Nextpeer V1.1.9 SDK, and "Where Is It Ver 1.02" been greatly enhanced with all images re-created.

July has been quite painful and challenging, as the learning curve for Unity 3D was a lot steeper than I expected.

First need to get familiar with the 3D interface - finding an object in the new 3D interface is still quite challenging, and still not quite use to the hundreds of options for different objects.

Next the concept of Material, Texture, Mesh, Prefab, ....etc, all quite new and don't think I can tell the difference or explain when should each of them be used yet.

Tried a few books, at first I started with "Unity iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide", but half way through it, the example no longer works and the author doesn't seem to respond to lots of questions been raised on the net. Also quickly browsed through "Unity iOS Essentials", but the content was a bit too advanced for beginner's like me. Finally settled with "Unity 3.x Game Development By Example - Beginner's Guide" and although the book doesn't focus on iOS as the previous two, the content is easy to understand/follow and more suitable for my level. Currently on chapter 10 and felt more confident now. If you are also interested in learning Unity 3D, would strongly recommend this book.

Still have a long way to go with Unity 3D, but the vision of able to publish games in 3D, and most importantly - not just limited to iOS platform, definitely worth all the effort!

As this path seems to slowly move away from Objective-C, start wondering if I should start another blog call "New 2 Unity 3D" ??