Sunday, 27 January 2013

Having fun with Multiplayer Card Game

Oops, just realised I haven't write anything for almost a month :-) ....

Well, other than having a quite relaxed month and gained a few kilos, iOS development wise, I have been studying the "huge" Simple Card Game with Multiplayer and Bluetooth tutorial by Matthijs Hollemans. Yes, I know it's a bit old - created around Jun 2012, however the amount of the work required to setup a multiplayer was amazingly complicate and took me a long time to get it working.

I learned a lot from the tutorial, and currently working on changing it into some sort of "template" card project (yes! it's mine! mine! ha ha ha...). The idea is hopefully I can get it working so that I can then create different kind of multiplayer card games based on the template. Have been working on it for a while, unfortunately it's quite complicate for me due to limited time plus my "not-so-great" level of skills, really have no idea how long it's going to take :-(...

Sample of work-in-progress shown below:

Just renewed my Apple membership this week. For the past 12 months, although I finished quite a few projects, only got 2 games published so far. Hopefully this template card project goes well and I can create a few card games in the coming year, wish me good luck!

Happy coding!