Thursday, 21 February 2013

iPhoneDevSdk in trouble again!

After I found their site always get infected by malware since late 2011 (see this old post of mine), I tries to stay away from iPhoneDevSdk to avoid all the troubles.

Now is in trouble again. I guess if you are running a popular site, you got to be extremely careful with your security as all the bad guys would be targetting you! This reminds me of a few other ones like, Techcrunch, ...etc.

With cyber security issues on the rise, e.g. recent news about this Unit 61398 in Shanghai, China, wonder what's going to happpen next? Very scarely.

Looking at different angle, this would mean cyber security related positions/experiences/certificates would be more popular and worth more! Never too late to do more research/study in that area and ask for pay rise or look for better opportunities!