Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dashlane sucks! All password wiped out after update!!

There was an update available for Dashlane in App Store and I just installed it about half an hour ago. Later I need to logon to Dropbox, but when I logged in to Dashlane on my iPhone 5, all the previous passwords I entered disappeared!!!

What the #@%$&^%#@^$%*#&!@^#&!!

No, I did not purchase the pro version which allows syncing to iCloud. But the point is, shouldn't there be a warning or something like that before an update been installed??!!

Dashlane sucks! How dare you call yourself "the world's best password manager"?

Will move to another password manager that doesn't wipe all your data without warning when there's an update.

Note: Mine is iPhone 5, still running iOS 7.1.2

[Update 1 - 24/Sep/2014]
Received this email from Dashlane today, so looks like they are working on a fix. My other concern is, not knowing that the data are still on the device, I actually added a few more records in there while testing, some contains overlapping data. Wonder if that's going to cause any problem?? Can't do much but to wait and see then...

[Update 2 - 24/Sep/2014]
Have a look at the comments section of this dashlane blog update to see how many frustrated customers facing exactly same issue like me...

I also submitted my concern there, but probably because I mentioned this blog plus this post, it's not showing up on their blog. Like my complaint, wonder how many more complaints were not shown on their blog just to make it looks like only "a few" customers were impacted....

[Update 3 - 30/Sep/2014]
Received another email as below, still not much progress.....

[Update 4 - 13/Oct/2014]
Received this email on 3rd October saying the problem will be fixed just by installing the latest update, and will upgrade my account status to free Premium for life.

Well, guess what? I installed the update on my iOS 7 iPhone 5, and my data still not recovered. I tapped on "Go Premium" button, and it still asked me to pay $37.99 for 1year, $64.00 for 2 years..... Where's my "free premium for life"??

[Update 30/Oct/2014]
Please see this latest post for update of the Dashlane issue.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Can't start development on iOS8 yet :-(

Got hold of a colleague's iPhone 6 at work today, just want to see how my games look like in the bigger screen size, plugged it in and XCode says..... iOS 8 not support!! What the....

Well, same story as last time when iOS 7 was released... Have to upgrade XCode to XCode 6 first, and before that have to upgrade to OS X 10.9 first..... Unfortunately I have been forced to upgrade everything again. Last time I have to pay for OS X 10.8 and at least this time OS X 10.9 is free..... Thanks Apple!

Any of you still waiting for the iPhone 6? Not me. After the bad battery + sleep/wake button issue with my iPhone 5 (plus other experience with latest, greatest, new released software/hardware products...), I prefer to wait for iPhone 6 version 1.1+, no rush, Christmas is still months away.

Also heard about the huge free space requirement for upgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 8, might start with the good old iPad 2 first... Wish me good luck...

[Update 24/Sep/2014]
Another reason I don't like Ver 1.0 of new products: see this video from Bloomberg Business Week.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

iPhone 6 event keynote viewing on apple.com doesn't work this morning?

Was trying to view the iPhone 6 event keynote from apple.com this morning around 6:30am Sydney time using Safari on my iPhone 5 through Wifi. But it crashes every time I tried, after the 3rd crash I just gave up. In the end, have to visit cnet.com to have a look at the "cut-down" versions of much shorter videos - at least theirs won't crash!

Have seen quite a few reports about problem with Apple's iPhone 6 event live stream. Not sure if what I experienced is also similar issue but it's certainly very, very, very disappointing.

Just tried again around 11pm Sydney time, and now it all works perfectly. Looks like Apple certainly still have some technical issues to be resolved for handling huge traffic volume during major events like this...

iPhone 5 replaced

Went to Apple store last Friday and got my iPhone 5 replaced with a refurbished one which looks brand new.

Although there were reports about some iPhone 5 not been fixed/replaced by Apple, mine was replaced without problem. I guess it might be because (1) mine was also eligible for the sleep/wake button replacement, (2) I experienced an instant battery drop from about 80% to 0 around 2 weeks ago.

The service was quite good and only took about 30min, much shorter than expected. I was really worried about the data, and did 2 backups before visiting Apple store.

Surprisingly everything back to normal quite smoothly after data restored from iTune. Only issue I had was as below. Because  iTune tried to restore all the games/apps I purchased before, there were 195 apps to be installed and iTunes shows it's "Over Capacity by 147.6 MB"!! I have to manually delete quite a few old games/apps during the restore.

[Update 26/Sep/2014]
A slight correction, I later found that all previous PDF and other documents I manually added to iBook through email or dropbox disappeared, plus all test apps I installed from XCode also disappeared.

Don't understand why iTune doesn't backup these 2 areas..... That is something you have to be aware of before restoring from iTune.