Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ARDroneSDK 3 from Parrot - finally compiled!

Thanks to suggestion from darryljackman, I tried a different strategy.

The result is all ok for iOS as shown below.

But when I run "./ -t iOS", I always get first 3 failed and the others not built:

I then tried uninstall all tools (git, wget, automake, autoconf, libtool), and reinstall again but using brew.

This time, at least got first 2 working! The "ARSAL" one still failed...

I then check the log, and noticed it's hard coded somewhere and tried to find "ARSDKBuildUtils/Utils/m4/ARSDK.m4" (see green highlighted part), but my directory name is "ARSDKBuildUtils-master" (see red highlighted part) when downloaded from github, and I can see the "ARSDK.m4" file in there (see yellow highlighted part!

After renamed the directory name, yes! Finally got the whole thing compiled ok. That is definitely a lot of work and the SDK is really badly documented.....

[Update 25/Apr/2015]
Please see this post for info about compiling V3.1.0 version of the SDK in Xcode 6.3.1 and OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite.

[Update 04/Oct/2015]
Please see this post for info about failed experience with compiling V3.6 version of the SDK in OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite on new MacBook Pro with retina display.


  1. Beautiful :) thanks for this, please keep posting your SDK progress!

  2. Hi there! It seems that the most difficult part of programming for the bebop is actually compiling these frameworks! Would you be so kind to make the compiled version available on your wonderful site? Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help!

    1. I am a bit concern about copyright as Parrot seems to be very protective. Also the files are quite large about 15MB. If you can setup something which allows me to drop the files, email me the details and I can upload it for you. But unfortunately, I only have the ones compiled on 21/6 for Ver 3.1, as the latest V3.6 one I can't get it to compile either...