Sunday, 4 October 2015

I decided to drop EveryPlay due to various problems

I used to like Everyplay a lot - even though none of my published games includes that, yet... Mainly because it provides quick and simple solution to auto record your whole game session, plus lots of sharing functions.

However, after they dropped EveryplaySoundEngine (from v1.9.7 May 2015), I have lots of problems.

E.g., I always play a short audio at the splash/game load up screen. Once included Everyplay, it either get cut off when Everyplay loads, or won't even play at all.

Then inside a simple SpriteKit game I was working on, lots of sound playing using SKAction wouldn't work any more. Once disabled Everyplay, all the sound playing works...

After various failed attempts, unfortunately I have to drop Everyplay, on SpriteKit games at least..... until the issue been resolved.

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